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Dark Grey 5mm Thickness Round Coasters Table Coasters 10 pieces Felt Drink Coast

Light Grey 5mm Thickness Round Absorbent Felt Drink Coasters Set and Holder Fun and stylish these laser cut coasters are fabulous for the coffee table or a wonderful little gift your friends will love

Made of durable felt material, it is soft and easy to use.

It has heat resistance, protects your table well Heat resistant to 100 C.

Strong water absorption, applicable for dining table and tea table.

Lanolin and keratin create antimicrobial properties Stain, odor and bacteria resistant.

Small size, easy to store and does not take up too much space.

Natural, biodegradable product

Excellent coasters for tea cups, bowls, glasses, fruit, etc.

/ Package /

1. Basic Package:Pack with the zipper bag or the OPP bag, or the clean big bag if the product has the big size or you buy many items together.

2. Basic Package for the gift:If you want us to package the product to be a gift, please tell us when you buy it, we would put our brand sticker on the zipper bag.

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